Angi's Resume


Even though I am a support expert by trade, I’ll always be a web and software developer at heart. I have a passion for coding and designing and an eye for details. I have spent considerable free cycles developing and refining my web and software project development and planning skills.

With my time at Symantec I’ve worked on our internal website as well as several other projects. I have assisted in large and small scale rollouts of new and upgraded software, worked with customers during times of crisis and been a single point of contact for them to come to for easier navigation within a large company and over many products. I have also developed and presented many transfers of information both internally and externally.


  • PHP
  • mySQL
  • HTML5
  • JQuery
  • JQueryUI
  • CSS3
  • GIT
  • Design
  • Adobe_CS5
  • Visual_Basic
  • Java
  • DNS
  • VMWare
  • MSOffice

Other Qualifications

  • Escalation handling
  • Research
  • Negotiation and collaboration
  • Project Management
  • Enhancement evaluation
  • Data collection
  • Training
  • Teamwork

NOTE: Page is being updated. 8-24-2017

Work Experience:

Symantec Corporation
December 2004 - Current
Remote Product Specialist
Supporting Symantec's corporate customers
  • Manage several large corporate customers, including two fortune 500 companies
  • Develop and negotiate plans to rollout, or modify mail systems in a corporate environment.
  • Discuss and educate corporate customers on the best ways to utilize our security products in their environment.
  • Negotiate cross team cooperation to ensure that the customer's needs are met.
  • Collaborate with team members, sharing information regarding the current status of our customers and the state of the software, enhancement requests, and updates.
  • Work with engineering to rollout temporary code fixes for enhancements, and gathering data to pursue the addition of the changes to the software for permanent enhancements.
Teacup Dog Agility Association
August 2011 - Current
Web Administrator (volunteer)
General Web Administration and Design
  • Created and drove a project plan to move the entirety of the TDAA website away from an outdated HTML/CSS format.
  • Re-coded the site from the ground up, in PHP/HTML/CSS, including error handling, and site design.
  • Discuss and educate customers on the best ways to design the website for functionality.
  • Collaborate with business owners on stratagem to bring more customers into the organization, and invite a more interactive experience with the site.
  • Create and manage layout, including creating uploading tools, and other self-maintenance tools for productivity.
  • Research new tools and methods for use in site enhancements.
December 2001 - October 2004
Technical Support Engineer
Supporting retail customers with Symantec Products
  • Worked with Consumer and Small business customers on the Norton AntiVirus product line, and virus removal queues.
  • Assisted my supervisor with Call Monitoring, Escalation handling and Helpdesk duties when required.
  • Handled a high volume of customers per day.


  • Twelve+ years managing customer needs as a technical support engineer and remote product specialist
  • Nearly three years working specifically with our large corporate customer base
  • Volunteered to take on a high-profile Fortune 500 customer
  • Assisted in planning and rollout of large scale installations in customer environments
  • Project organization for large scale changes to a company website, and user data organization
  • Ongoing quick cycle updates to ensure smooth operations and enhancements for a company website
  • Led training on enhancing the customer experience, and using the 'Why'

  • Currently working in the tech industry, doing technical support for several major corporations, and Fortune 500 companies.